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Our Approach

For ALROSA, sustainability is not just about regularly meeting our goals. We strive to make sure that our operating regions grow just as our business grows. Our priority is to build a new practice in the so-called monotowns (i.e. towns where most of the community is employed by a single enterprise), providing the locals with jobs and proper labor security, and the next generations inherit only the very best: a comfortable and well-developed infrastructure, welfare programs, and a clean environment.

We believe that sustainable development is a process of continuous, never-ending improvement, following the best international practices and conforming to the applicable global standards, which we have integrated into all of our activities and take into account when making strategic decisions. The importance and necessity of this approach is a matter that the ALROSA management and all the stakeholder representatives wholeheartedly agree on.

Every year, our company implements hundreds of social welfare and charity initiatives; we help fund regional development programs, contribute to infrastructural and sponsorship projects and charities, run corporate social programs for our workers and their family members, and provide specific people living in our operating regions with targeted aid.

In 2021 ALROSA has become a participant in the biggest international initiative of sustainable growth – the UN Global Compact. The company has confirmed its commitment to ten fundamental principles of the Compact as well as its intention to facilitate a solution of global problems contributing to achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The company has given an undertaking to disclose the information about progress achieved in this regard in annual sustainable growth reports.

In its desire to promote the agenda of sustainable growth both within the Group's core activity and in the development of international partnerships, and taking into account certain strategic directions which reflect the approach to sustainable growth, ALROSA has defined 13 priority and relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals to which it can make the most significant contribution. The company discloses the information to stakeholders on a regular basis about its activity within each of the priority UN Sustainable Development Goals and its contribution to achieving them, as well as details about completed projects and initiatives on every goal, in annual sustainable growth reports.

ESG Policies & Standards

2021–2025 Sustainability Programme Sustainability Policy
Social Policies
Social Policy Occupational Health and Safety Policy Human Rights Policy Policy on Engagement with Indigenous Peoples Diversity and Inclusion Policy Regulations on Charity, Other Gratuitous Transactions, and Sponsorship of PJSC ALROSA
Environmental Policies
Environmental Policy Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Policy Policy on Responsible Consumption and Production (Resource Saving) Water Resources Protection Policy Policy for Land Protection and Remediation Air Protection Policy Flora and Fauna (Biodiversity) Protection Policy Tailings Dam Management Standard
Code of Corporate Ethics Anti-Corruption Policy Regulation on Conflict of Interest Regulation on the Compliance Hotline Suppliers Business Ethics Regulations on Responsible Diamond Supply Chain Management

Risk Management Policy Regulations on Procurement


ALROSA publishes an annual sustainable development report (also known as the social and environmental report), which covers our general performance, as well as more specific subjects, such as the progress of diamond mining subsidiaries. Apart from facts and figures, the report contains forward-looking statements: our target performance results, our economic and financial plans, and our further development goals and objectives.

ALROSA’s reports on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are available here.

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