Like all natural resources on our planet, diamonds are finite and increasingly rare. Nature will no longer bring diamonds to the surface from the Earth's mantle, because the volcanic activity that gave mankind the hardest mineral on the planet ended tens of millions of years ago, and so the value of diamonds is increasing every day. For owners of capital and wealthy clients of the company, this means that large colorless and fancy colored diamonds have not only aesthetic, but also investment value. The maximum concentration of value per unit weight is a unique characteristic of a diamond as an object for investment. After all, there is no asset on earth that would be as easy to store, move or transfer as a diamond.

In 2019, we created the ALROSA Diamond Exclusive program - its task is to sell the rarest and largest diamonds mined by the company. We select the best of the mined rough diamonds to cut them into high-quality gems at our own cutting facility and present them to clients, both as products in themselves and as part of magnificent jewelry.

All ALROSA Diamond Exclusive diamonds are certified. Strict control of the production process in accordance with the best world practices is a guarantee of the quality and authenticity of our products. As part of the ALROSA Diamond Exclusive program, we present our unrivaled diamond collection to those who are thinking of purchasing precious stones as an investment or planning to purchase gemstones for further manufacturing of exclusive jewelry.

Diamonds from the ALROSA Diamond Exclusive collection can be made into jewelry. Our master jewelers have the highest qualification with many years of experience. The diamond remains in the company's perimeter at all stages of the technological cycle.

We also offer our clients insurance and responsible storage services for diamonds and jewelry on the most convenient terms, as well as provide support in the secondary sale of a diamond.


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