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Occupational Health and Safety Management

ALROSA operates various high-risk production facilities and is fully aware of the responsibility it entails. Improving occupational safety is one of our top development priorities.

Our guiding documents in this area are the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, the Occupational Health and Safety Strategy for 2021-2025, and the Key Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

In addition, we follow the Guidelines on the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, as well as the Guidelines on the Industrial Monitoring of Occupational Health and Safety Compliance at High-Risk Facilities. Both of these documents are based on Russian law and the universally acknowledged occupational health and safety management standards.

The occupational safety management offices of the company’s structural subdivisions report to the Occupational Safety Administration. The vertical hierarchy of occupational safety management ends with the Chief Executive Officer — Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

ALROSA applies five vital principles of its occupational health and safety Policy, which are mandatory for every employee of the Company, regardless of their position:

Safety as a Priority

Any work task must be carefully considered in terms of safety. If there is a conflict between ensuring safety and completing the task, the task must be either reconsidered or aborted.

Manager Accountability

The responsibility for overseeing work and ensuring occupational safety rests with the managers. Each employees is responsible for his or her own personal safety.

Anti-Injury and Anti-Incident Stance

We treat any workplace injury or incident as a company-wide emergency; if such an emergency occurs, it means that our company has failed to properly organize and control a safe work process.

Transparency and Reporting

Misrepresentation of information in the field of industrial safety and labor protection in the Company is inadmissable.


Every employee, from the CEO to a front line worker, must be involved in addressing occupational health and safety challenges.

Occupational Safety

Improving occupational safety is one of ALROSA’s top development priorities. The use of innovative technology has allowed us to combat workplace injury, retain our labor force’s potential, and minimize the number of incidents and critical failures at our production facilities.

The company experts find and deploy new approaches and methodologies that improve occupational health and safety.

Our company strives to promote a safety culture through a comprehensive set of measures, such as: training and testing employees of ALROSA and its contractors, raising their awareness, and encouraging their commitment to safety values.

We have introduced special medical terminals that are equipped with instruments for measuring blood pressure, alcohol content, and body temperature. Depending on whether or not the instrument readings are satisfactory, an employee is either granted or denied access to their workplace. This project’s main target audience are employees that work at high-risk facilities or drive vehicles. It aims to reduce the risks of occupational illnesses and workplace injuries.

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