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a way of selling goods at an event held in an agreed place and time, where buyers can also inspect the goods before bidding


Business entity

a legal entity or an individual business person


an indivisible collection of rough diamonds of a certain assortment mix, composed in accord with the appropriate technical requirements and box structures defined by the Company


Carat (metric)

a standard weight unit for polished diamonds, equal to 0.2 grams

Certified polished diamond

a cut rough diamond that has passed expert examination in an independent gemmological laboratory

Competitive Sales Committee

a company department responsible for the organization, event management, and notification of the results of competitive sales. It acts under the authority of the Regulations On the Procedure and Terms of Sales of Natural Rough Diamonds of OJSC ALROSA

Competitive sale

a method of concluding diamond sale agreements in the form of auctions/tenders


Diamond Supply Agreement

an agreement covering a term not exceeding three years, within the framework where rough diamond supplies are formalized by contracts

Diamond Sale Agreement (contract)

a sales contract for diamonds purchased using ALROSA’s standard form on the basis of the results of sales, or upon execution of spot transactions for the sale of rough diamonds, or within the framework of a Diamond Supply Agreements


Expert assessment

the procedure of assessing a gemstone by comparing it with other polished diamonds under a particular scheme called the expert assessment system. As a rule, expert assessment of polished diamonds includes four parameters:

1. Carat
2. Color
3. Cut
4. Clarity


Industrial diamonds

rough or sawn, cleaved or bruted natural diamonds, also diamond grits and diamond powders, that may be used to manufacture diamond tools and other industrial and technical products



a set of diamonds traded as a single deal, and consisting of one or more diamonds


Market Conjuncture Analysis Panel

ALROSA’s department that forms our marketing policy and is responsible for assessing the suitability of trading partners


Non-industrial diamonds

rough or sawn, cleaved or bruted natural diamonds, that can be made into polished diamonds.


Polished diamond

a rough diamond cut and polished into a special-shape polished diamond, to reveal its natural luster


a business entity meeting the requirements established by Section 5 of the appropriate ALROSA rules


Rough Diamonds, Diamonds

natural rough diamonds (industrial and non-industrial) are produced from ALROSA and subsidiary mines and intended for sale in the form of boxes and lots; also diamonds from other providers which we sell under commission agreements and agency contracts