Sales System

Sales System

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ALROSA’s sales system is based on long-term contracts, struck for 3 years with major diamond producers, which have an established reputation and well-organized sales systems. Currently, 75% of all ALROSA diamonds are sold through long-term contracts. The unity of ALROSA’s long-term client’s as well as candidates for long-term diamond supplying contracts make up ALROSA ALLIANCE.

Members of ALROSA ALLIANCE maintain the principles of responsible business management and receive preferences in line with clients’ status.

Spot sales

ALROSA diamonds can also be purchased through one-time non-competitive purchase and sale deals (spot sales). Diamonds physically available for purchase at the time of trade sessions can be bought there.

Auctions and tenders

Part of our diamonds is sold at auctions and through competitive offers (tenders). ALROSA holds auctions in major diamond trade centers across the world. Our regular produce and extra-large diamonds (+10,8 carats) are on offer − on competitive basis.

Documents for clients

Our principles

To ensure transparent and equal (non-discriminatory) conditions for our clients ' access to raw diamonds, we adhere to the following fundamental principles:

  • standardized procedures of sorting of diamond raw materials with the use of single samples;
  • unified and independent procedure for completing standard boxes of raw diamonds and compliance with standard requirements for the assortment of boxes of the same name;
  • application of prices determined by experts on the basis of price lists similar to those in force on the world market, taking into account market fluctuations in prices on the day of sale;
  • use of uniform criteria and procedures when conducting auctions and collecting competitive offers (tenders).
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