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Social and Environmental Report


Key performance results

Key events


Preparing for the transformation of the closed joint-stock company ALROSA into an open-type company

Obtaining rights to develop new fields in OJSC Almazy Anabara’s zone

OJSC ALROSA was transformed into an open joint stock company. OJSC ALROSA’s shares placed in free circulation on the financial market

Concluding the Agreement for social and economic development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) valid through December 31, 2020


Start of production at the kimberlite pipe Botuobinskaya

Approving the Long-term Plan on the Development of OJSC ALROSA for 2012–2021

Developing the Concept of Social Policy Implementation Strategy of OJSC ALROSA

Approving the Concept of the Sales Policy of ALROSA Group for 2013-2015

OJSC ALROSA made a public offering of 16% of its shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange

Approving ALROSA Group’s Strategy

Approving OJSC ALROSA’s Program on the Sale of Non-Core Assets

OJSC ALROSA adopted a new dividend policy, under which at least 35% of IFRS net income would be allocated for dividends

Aikhal underground mine in Yakutia reached its design capacity of 500 thou. tons of ore per year


March 14 — the launch of the 2nd processing plant at Lomonosov MPD of OJSC Severalmaz

June 27 — commissioning of Udachny Underground Mine

OJSC Severalmaz started the extraction of ore at the Karpinskogo-1 pipe of the M.V. Lomonosov diamond deposit in the Arkhangelsk region

December 11 — OJSC ALROSA’s Supervisory Board approved the Long-Term Development Program of ALROSA Group up to 2023

The Company withdrew from participation in the share capital of a number of enterprises in the framework of the Program On the Sale of Non-Core Assets

Geography Alrosa

ALROSA operates in nine countries worldwide and in ten regions across the Russian Federation. The company is headquartered in the town of Mirny, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia); two other head offices are located in Moscow and Yakutsk. ALROSA’s main production capacities are concentrated in Russia, in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), namely Yakutsk and Western Yakutia: the Mirny District (towns of Mirny and Udachny, Aikhal and Svetly townships), the Lensk District, as well as the Anabar and Nyurba uluses.
ALROSA has its representative office in Yakutsk. In the Arkhangelsk region the company operates Severalmaz, a diamond mining subsidiary. There are representative offices in several other Russian cities, such as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Oryol.
ALROSA has representative offices of its sales and marketing companies in foreign countries, including the Great Britain (London), Belgium (Antwerp), China (Hong Kong), Israel (Ramat Gan), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and the United States (New York).

Dear readers,

ALROSA Group keeps consolidating its global market position, remaining a leader in rough diamond mining. Our goal is to preserve and multiply the accomplishments achieved in recent

years, consolidate the leading position in the global diamond market, implement strategic growth plans, and continue adhering to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable development

Economic efficiency

Environmental responsibility

Social responsibility

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